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Archaic Greek Art

Archaic smile rigid berlin kore near athens 570 bce

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Unformatted text preview: re- his arms more bent and more natural Kouros- all young, naked, male- > these are the ideal Nudity represents divinity and heroism • Indication of important • Diff from Egypt- the stuff make you divine • Pg 116 Kore- women- clothed! • Archaic smile • rigid Berlin Kore- near Athens- 570 BCE • Marble, red piant • Archaic smile • Broad, rigid • Bulky • Rhythm of garmet • Cant tell whats underneath cloethes • Feet are just attached Peplos Kore- Athens- 530BCE • More dynamic poses- moving into space • Carved from diff pieces and connected together • More personal- less abstract • Can see the frm of the body under her clothes • Her boobs are more evident • Transparent clothing • Peplos- is the dress that she is wearing Pg 119 Vase by Exekias “Achilles and ajax playing a game 540 BCE • Both the painter and the potter • We see a shift from geometric vases • Scene from trogan war- Achilles wins the game- this was...
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