Aegean Period

We see helladic culture of mainland greece begin to

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Unformatted text preview: of painting mainly on a wall- method Is wet plaster - Bull is minoan- indication of movement through its jumping - Figures are in profile- - Color, movement, style etc is typical of minoan artwork Landscape- spring spring fresco Girl gatheig safffrom crocus flowers Vapheio Cup- combination of influences- found on Sparta (mainland Greec)- either created by a heladic artist- very sought after Found in a tomb in Sparta- muscular man trying to capture bull Retrose style- puched out form the backside in order to create a relief Prob a ritual cup – this would have been a part of burial goods- this work is evidence of exchange of stlye and power We see Helladic culture of mainland Greece begin to take over all of agean- head into mycenean art and architecture Mycenean (Helladic) Culture 3000- 1100 BCE Citadel and Lion Gate- fortified stronghold to protect a dynasty • Walls surrounding entire complex- these walls were made with conglomerate stone- no bonding or plaster0 the wall rebuilt 3 times- 25 feet thick and 30 feet...
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