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A bunch of noble families ot a single king place of

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Unformatted text preview: e - Primary part- is center courtyard- very maze like- tht is the defense mechanism- - Not concerned with takeover from the sea bc they were such an insane power- - Had a menetar that lived a Knossos- livedin the labrynth- order Athenians for him to eat- - These were not pakaces where kings live- this civilizatoinwas prob ruled by a bunch of noble families ot a single king - Place of community gthering places- - Made with cement - The roofs are completely flat - Old palace period- pendant made of gold- penadant of gold bees- symmetrical bees- style taken from other places too Minoqn art is very colorful ith a lof of patterns and attention to detail Snake goddess from Knossos- her breats are shown- fertility- Minoans stlye- sometimes very stylized, other tmes very natural looking Harvester Phyton from Hagia- 1650 t0 1450 BCE - Chaotic - Everyone is still in profile- gives a sense of motion - Bodies are not built at all - This was some sort of harvesting ceremony - There Iis action present here- a real livliness Bull Leaping Fresco - Form Knossos- lat minoan period- reconstructed - Fresco- kind...
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