Hetersexual Market

Womanlady woman is sexualized and lady is not not

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Unformatted text preview: guys try to infuse meaning into this social cateogries infused into language, and then power as well methodology - white, middleclass perspective - very subjective and anecdotal, observances (as ive been told, people say…) - not representative out of date examples - regional differences- - cleaning lady/lady professor woman/lady - woman is sexualized and lady is not - not scientific, not representative, anecdotal evidence, no data collection - good, written for lay people asterisk- what do people actually say? Or strange sounding- ? - shit vs oh dear, empiricis- relies on observation of data- interrupting during meeting intuition- traditional method used with Chomsky- uses own judgement- creates rather than collects sentences- double bind- damned is she does, damned if she doesn’t- obeying an order requires disobeying it – cant talk like a man bc unfeminine, cant talk like a w...
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