Homophobic Slang

gays stil dont have the legal equality therefore can

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Unformatted text preview: for their benedit- - Women reclaim bitch, ho - Blacks take back nigger - Does this have to do with the rights being extended? - Gays stil don’t have the legal equality- therefore, can they use that word? - Taking back- devalue through humor takes away the severity, but it is sad Toby - jojo vs drake - women swear just as much as men do- slang, hypercorrect forms like lakoff says- jojo uses slang just as much- ima, in da club, - buckoultz reading cross racial AA English- - jojo- empowering? Strong language? You cant do better than me- attacks the double bind? Appealing to her ex- based on sex- she’s not crazy like me- freaky, nasty- - drake- you love, jojo, you like- exemplifies styles- drake appeals to an emotional side in his ex...
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