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Institution of Family

Brand recognize style and buy how do we know which

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Unformatted text preview: be interesting to carry out on medium through which you communicate- texting, skype, twitter, blog/vlog - defined research question/hypothesis methodology - similarity/diff and your predictions based on class readings= - respond to two others gender, media, thanksgiving- Martha Stewart- indexing gender identity - speakers change style of speech based on audience- Catherine Davies- in tannen - her style characterizes all aspects of traditional women’s speech- - media discourse- - everyday talk to media discourse - everyday talk- natural- shifts based on environment, sociolinguistic truth - talk by media personalities- must maintain consistent style to sell her brand- recognize style and buy- - how do we know which stylistic features are salient to users? - How do we attribute indexical meaning to particular stylistic variables especially with co- concurrence- in everyday life, so many features come together to form our styles- Chract of Lakoff’s WL 1. lexical items related to women’s interests dollop, mandolin 2. hedges- you could, if you like 3. hyperc...
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