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Turn and convo length 2 conversational scaffolding

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Unformatted text preview: e really saying trouble talk- Ochs and Taylor’s father knows best- women introduces her problem- centered narrative- man is primary recipient- evaluator and critic- Baron- see you online - divides modes of online communications into four forms- - Asynchronous one- to- many - asynchronous one to one- email, texting - synchronous- one to many- video conferencing - synchronous one to one- FF and MM conversations 1. turn and convo length- 2. conversational scaffolding- closing structure 3. abbreviations 4. emoticons 5. reflects womens writing styles not speech styles- women think about it more along lines of written discourse- GU facebook Wall Project - each student collected 10 posts - m- m, f- m, m- f, f- f - social- I miss you! - informational- should I pick you up? - both- can wait to see you, when do you leave? - All 139 - F- f was 42, m- f 38, f- m 30, m- m 29 - Based on recipient, not on poster BB discussion- propose a similar gender/new media study that you think would...
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