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Unformatted text preview: mers will be developed and maintained. B2C B2B Goal Goal ► Identify key customers and customer groups to be targeted ► Segment customers based on their value over time ► Product/service differentiation and customization Why is it important? Why is it important? ► Customer retention­ Competitive intensity­ Customer selectivity­ Cost efficiency ► It can increase customer loyalty by providing customized products and services. ► It can have a significant impact on the bottom­line through: Increased sales Improved plant productivity Reduced customer service costs Improved asset utilization ► It provides the critical link with the customers in the supply chain 80/20 – Pareto & ABC Analysis 80/20 – Pareto & ABC Analysis ► 80/20 Rule – Pareto Principle (Estimates) 80% of a companies profits are derived from 20% of its products (Logistics) or customers (Marketing)= > most sales are generated from a few products (or customers) 15% are derived from the next 30% 5% are derived from the next 50% ► Practicall...
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