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Message vs Metamessage

showing likeness why men less likely to ask for

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Unformatted text preview: is a mismatch in frame- boys and girls are raised in separate world- by 4/5 they choose same- sex peer group - boys games is a winner - girls attempt to achieve sameness while boys attempt to one- up - cooperation vs competition - showing likeness why men less likely to ask for directions- women make fleeting connection with stranger and are efficient- men put it in a one down position- would rather do it on their own media presentation- “man therapy” manliness- lower pitches, facial expressions are scrunched “tough”- women open up face more facial hair- moose head, hunter, “rich mahogany”- dark, deep, rich, woody colors- always used “man” – face scrunching- ritual agonizing- squinty eyes, a way of avoiding direct gaze strong personality- only acceptable for a man to have- not generally...
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