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Itinvolves activitiesof whatdoesdminvolve

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Unformatted text preview: n be met in the most efficient and effective manner. It involves activities of: What does DM involve? What does DM involve? ► It involves: Forecasting of demand volume ► Proactive to meet anticipated demand Timing of demand (synchronizing production, procurement, & logistics with demand) Increasing flexibility of production ► Reactive to unanticipated demand Reducing variability in demand ► Eliminate management practices & policies that increase variability, i.e. internal competition, fear Strategic Sub­processes Strategic Sub­processes ► Determine Demand Management Goals and Strategy ► Study SC network and bottleneck Focus (Ex: Level, Chase, or Mixed Strategies) Goals (Ex: Cost, Quality, Delivery, Flexibility) Tradeoffs between Forecast Accuracy and Production Flexibility Determine Forecast Procedures Level of forecast (High/Aggregate/Product Families­ Low/Disaggregate/SKU (FG) level) ► New Product vs. Established Product (Life­Cycle) Time Frames (Forecast Horizon – week, month, year) Functions (Ex: Operations, Marketing, & Finance) Data Sources & Collection (Internal vs. External) – Quantitative & Qualitative Consistency across the company/suppliers/customers (integration) Strategic Sub­processes Strategic Sub­processes ► Plan Information Flow Data Requirements Determine sources of data Flow chart the information flow from source to analyst – and then analyst to users of the data Output may have differentiated distri...
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