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talking about vs talking against tannen talk between

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Unformatted text preview: sation- showing excitement without intent to take over the floor- - high considerate speakers- they perceive invovlement speakers as intrusive on a story- one person speaks at a time- women tend to ue more cooperative overlap- - construct collaborative floors- shown in causal and institutional contexts – two types of floors- meeting, one person who talks most of the time- other times more collaboratively constructed Coates- what is gossip? - talking about vs talking against (tannen) - talk between women in our common role as women- - women est a hierarchy by who they speak things to and what they know vs the hierarchy of men created through direct language- this is all under the guise of cooperation - hedges and mitigators “well, I just think that….” Vs a man would say “it is what it is” - steroptypes make us feel safe, they order the universe for us and make it so we don’t have to think for ourselves- rather, le the sterotypes construct our involvement or noninvolvement with others- k topics in womens talk- topic introduced and progression - topics tend to start in a narrative introduction - topic introduction and progression...
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