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Information state how are difference in levels of

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Unformatted text preview: acceptable and how is it interpreted? 3. Act structure- speech acts- acts through talk- like making a request- complimenting- one uping others- pronouncements, lexis, vocabulary, direct request, 4. Information state- how are difference in levels of knowledge and background info taken into account? 5. Idea structure- how are propositions organized in and across sentences and text- topic idea and flow- women have more overt markers of cohesion- in order to preface what you say (what she was saying before…) constructing a community, cooperation- K Turn- taking differences - what is the difference between overlap and interruption- has to do with #3, exchange structure - overlap- is mechanical- more than one person taking at a time, - interruption- is the interpretation that one’s speaking rights have been violated - there can be overlap without interruption and interruption without overlap- - high involvement speakers- people who like to overtly show their involvement in a conver...
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