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Exchange structure coates how is the conversational

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Unformatted text preview: - how a topic is introduced- - a speaks, b speaks, meet consensus- convo over k speaker and hearer roles- - five speakers deal with their oen and others’ feelings and experiences- juggling listener and speaker roles with great sill- 235 - participation framework- - analyzed- minimal responses (uhuh, yeah), simultaneous speech- overlapping and epistemic modality (probably, I think, sort of, I mean, perhaps)- these markers soften the blow )I don’t know this, but I do think it model of discourse structuce - participation framework- deals with speaker/hearer roles, identities, alignments - exchange structure- turn- taking mechanics - act structure- speech act forumlations - information state- acknowledgment of difference in prior knowledge - idea structure- cohesion, flow of topic exchange structure: coates - how is the conversational loor managed in this example of all womens talk? - - do overlaps tend to indicate interruption? - What other possible interpretations are there of overlap? - How might a speaker invite overla or acknowledge acceptance of overlap in his/her speech - Martha stewart- “you know”, if you want etc- this is used persuasively- to feel non- threaten...
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