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Notes on Chapter 4 of Olcott

The legislature began to take the lead but just led

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Unformatted text preview: 2000” campaign - Suleimenov was seen by Gorb as a loyal communist and a potential option to Nazarbayev C. Kolbins purge of Kazakh elite reduced political competition- so, unlike other republics who had experienced a purge years earlier, in ‘90 the communist party won a lot bc it was the only functioning political party (plus 25% of seats were already reserved for Comm party) D. The Legislature began to take the lead- but just led to Nazar suspending it and dissolving the Communist party after the failed August 1991 coup E. In response, the legislature began to divide one faction under Nazar, and the other in opposition - one was the democratic bloc- in 1990 they issued an extreme statement of sovereignty that Naz didn’t agree with, so Naz had to turn to the Communist Bloc to block it - after the coup of 91, it was harder for Naz to control the parliament, he tried to create a substitute to the CPSU, but the two parties created (Sot and Congress) slipped away from him - after the Nevada party was created, Naz responded by creating the Union of Peoples Unity (PENEK) party but it was ineffective Political party formation is hard in Kazakh - nothing in political environment to stimulate them (40% of population distrusted them), lack of interest, and lack of educated administration not to mention the financial problesm - harsh restrictions and roadblocks - and the presidential party lacked intellectual organizing principle vs the CPSU which was an ideological party that has succeeded in Kazakhstan (still has extensive support among Kazakhs) Defining the Unitary State First constitution was created in 1993 and was a continuation of Soviet era political arrangements - most power went to the president- whom was strengthened by Kazakhstan’s status as...
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