Notes on Chapter 4 of Olcott

Notes on Chapter 4 of Olcott

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Unformatted text preview: a unitary state - established secularism - formally divided gov into executive (with the president above in a supersystemic role), legislative and the judicial - president given control over local govs because local govs were subordinate to the oblast governor (or AKIM) who was appointed by the president - MASLIKHATS are elected councils within oblasts whose powers can be terminated by the senate - oblasts have since been given expanded powers like rights of taxation and ability to pursue economic investments Naz has a great fear of local autonomy as evidenced by the creation of the unitary state which would make oblasts dependent upon the center and the avoidance of a federal state which would give oblasts too much power - but, at time of liberation, oblasts were generally powerful and connected to each other in a symbiotic relationship, - especially well established ties on the Kazakh- Russian border- but the center was okay with this because of the perceived weakness of Russia and the loyalty from the NE oblasts - cross border ties hard to maintain in S Kazakhstan because neighbors are protectionists - still press for popular elections despite new 1995 constitution stating the president appoints governors, but have held experimental popular elections. One was in April 2001 when Naz promised to hold competitive elections in two aims - Nazar continues to look for new ways to strengthen power- he had fused oblasts to create Kazakh majorities, and there is talk of creating super regions, - has also moved the capital north to firmly root support from the North- now called Astana- spent a lot of money to build up the city, politicians reluctant to move up there, no public support Rise of Legislative Politics and a Vocal Press At first, the legislatur...
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