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Notes on Chapter 4 of Olcott

Tightened now companies must bid for government

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Unformatted text preview: e was trying to help a flailing economy with 2,500% inflation rate, but then, Naz dissolved it in Dec 1993 claiming that it was an impediment to economic reform - created a new legislature - gerrymandered districts to create Kazakh majority and monitored voting - Naz expected his majority to be a pliable partner because 90% of them were senior officials with no CPSU representatives- a lot fo different parties, but PNEK (or SNEK) was the one who received the most seats 40% - Nazar wanted this leg to be a rubber stamp because he was cautiously beginning privatization process led by a Russian named Tereshchenko which was against public opinion - A left- center opposition party called Republic formed against him which passed a no confidence vote of Tereshchenko, Nazar backed him but eventually, was forced to fire him - Cases of corruption were carried out as well - Free and vigorous media grew in 1994 as well- this helped legislators achieve a mass audience- papers sprouted outlining political scandals (KARAVAN BLITZ), but airwaves were still tightly controlled - But, this was the heyday and since, control from the center has tightened- now, companies must bid for government leases- Nazar’s daughter Dariga won the license to the nationawie TV broadcast frequency and the Nazarbayev family has absorbed Karavan. Violence has been used against independent papers like XXI VEK (HQ was bombed) - Newspapers closed because not making money, but others were held to a tight law on the press which...
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