Russian Military

Impact of the triple break up o the complex was not

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Unformatted text preview: because milit stayed out of politics- when sov union fell apart, milit abandoned bc reformist cut milit spending by 90% and supplies orders- so, milit was paralyzed and in poverty o military was betrayed- 2. impact of the triple break- up o the complex was not funded- no money to do so- no practice, o corruption 3. major issues in civil military relations 4. the 1990s a decade of lost opportunity 5. no progreee under putin why no attempt to reform military o expensive- change mission, change equip- mass conscritption, need to start paying contract soldiers, career soldiers- conscripts are cheap labor o lack of commitment o opposition by senior corps- wedded to hierarchy and privileges- o medvedev made the most determined effort to date- cut bloated corps and modernized and replaced conscript...
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