Russian Military

Reckless prez sent troops to recover lands russians

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Unformatted text preview: s with kontraktniki o reasons why chech got destroyed- bc army designed from WWII and armor heavy o putin is increasing spending- effect of Chechen wars • first war- killed efforts to restructure military- soviets lost humiliating war in afghan war- need air support for mountains • services emerged in military on basis of af experience- paratroopers and light infantry became elite- • 08 Russian- Georgian war- Georgia reckless prez- sent troops to recover lands- Russians were waiting there- ‘do not join nato’- but, Russians were unprepared for extensive coordination- showed still not ready for light infantry why hasn’t there been a military coup • some military have a tradition of political intervention, but Russians do not- because military treated as honored partners and got whatever they wanted • yeltsin took no chances- conscious of potential- made sure milit directed to him, and put in loyal people…yes men industrial connection - funding was cut for indust compl...
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