Why Soviet Decline

Economy slowed no more capital goods goods that can

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Unformatted text preview: nto nominally most powerful position- takes lesser position slide 2 why did the soviet system decline in the 70s/80s- - can be traced from the 60’s- took a generation of undermining- 1. economy slowed- no more capital goods (goods that can create things) - no more cheap inputs like manpower and raw materials- used best natural resources, the system was wasteful and non- innovative- wouldn’t take a chance on anything- unit cost of production went up, no technological innocation outside of military industry, bottom line- the system dialed to generate wealth and growth 2. incentives disappeared would It blow up on it’s own? RR and huge military/economic/tech competition from the US, glasnost, Gorbechov, - forced an inefficient economy...
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