National Identity in the Former Soviet Union

religion a location jews considered their place to

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Unformatted text preview: s opposed to civilized people- - might be history- common founding in the same place- WHERE do we come from? - religion - a location- Jews considered their place to be a place they were expelled from 2000 years ago- map of central asia and caucuses- - all five countries are muslim of the caucuses- central asia- longer history than Russia- consider themselves the heirs of history and culture- Persian in language and poetry- Kazakhstan- grassland- nomad country- soviets turned north into wheat fields- Russians moved to farm- failed- kazaks became minority in the republic- - also used kazak as dumping ground- chechens and other Caucasian nationalities exiled there- a lot of Koreans exiled there as well- - soviets didn’t like nomadism-...
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