National Identity in the Former Soviet Union

Central asia no glasnostprestroika in central asia

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Unformatted text preview: le- - so, break up existing identities and create insts of a one party dictatorship and organize that around local republics- capital cities with bur staffed by Russians, industry located in the capital cities staffed by Russians- speak rusisan in the cities- new elites formed around the collected farms- the elites of a ukbek village- KGP officer, owner of tractor etc- related, spoke local language foundations of national identity religion Ind comes to central asia- - no glasnost/prestroika in central asia- but as disorder grew in Russia- central Asians put forward claims and demonstrated when claims not satisfied - cotton scam: uzbeks misreported numbers of cotton being sold to Russia- made a lot of money that way- Gorb blew the whistle under glasnost- Gorb did it in the name of transparency- central asia- very hi...
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