National Identity in the Former Soviet Union

Taught new russian words in schools like ataturk in

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Unformatted text preview: so broght in Russians after stalins death- but decided to settle them down- when kazaks resisted, societs collectivized- resisted- soviets killed animals- mass starvation- Ukraine and in Kazakhstan- destroyed nomadic way of life- Tajikstan- artificial creation of soviets- took tajik and taught new Russian words in schools Like ataturk in turkey recreated language in Turek- throwing out Arabic, teaching modern Turkish in schools and put lang in the media- in order to set Tajikistan from afghan/pakis etc as very different from the middle east Kyrghastan- horse land- water power- Uk vs central asia- - uk have wrestled with rev - central asia- kept it together- because soviets- Marxist Leninists- believe natioanliy and religion are opiates of the peop...
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