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Alexsey Kudrin

Gov fsb intermediate level of gov became federal

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Unformatted text preview: 3- acting (war) pres- contrast with ailing Yeltsin - Launched Chechen 2 K Strengths and Weaknesses- dark horse to shoe- ini in 90 days because of power fo the kremlin Power formula- unite players against regions- chose enemy- more important than choosing friends - to control regions, putin added a new layer of gov- FsB- intermediate level of gov- became federal inspectors who would police bur at indiv provinces - but, FSB is super corrupt- - yukos affair- key in putin presidency- plus for putin- - Mikhail khodorkovsky- menetec- part of a bank, speculated on ruble- fortune acquired- bought oil company called Yukos- richest man in Russia 03- advised to leave- bankrupted, kidnapped by KGB- brought back to Moscow Consequence of Yukov- triumph of police over business- siloviki won - new oligarchs- security backgrounds j illusionary stabilization? - too much still depends on Putin - gov divided into clans - se issues take attention away from needed reforms LECTURE 11: Key Institutions of the State Slide 2- the power elites- - - - 27 power elites (military or quasi- military, carry weapons, some armored division strength)...
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