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Areas putin part of election campaign get tough 1999

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Unformatted text preview: with the governor and how imp province is- distance is a factor- same prob as under yeltsin- hard to govern far east, need to turn it around- Russians in chinese cities- buying Chinese goods - Regions - 2 types; 1 with money to get leverage, 2. Ones getting subsidies- not political unity between donors and recipients- k PPT river- lecture 9 Chechnya conflicts- - attempted to exit - mountain range between Georgia k origins of first Chechen war - stalin punished them because sold out to germans - 1956- krushnev said stalin would starve all his people- - exiled people were allowed to return under krushnev- from kazakstan- rivals people were there now- bad blood now- never regained possession like before, history of resentment- - Dudaev- part of genera...
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