Dmitry Medvedev

Everything people are paralyzed without you or your

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Unformatted text preview: tradition is purpose of law is to protect/defend state as the regulator of society Putin- authoritarian, but still a policy- wonk- problem because devolves into despotism- once he is gone, vulnerabilities, stability has made him popular, no major reforms, safe and secure- cult of personality, personal leadership bc has the network to put right people in right places- per capita per citizen has tripled, crach of sov union is distant memory- but, when responsible for everything, people are paralyzed without you or your approval, the system seizes and becomes inefficient…vulnerable King not on the quiz- no quiz on tues, but quiz on Thursday- baker and glasser 1- 3 Slide 1 Elections- regular, but no suspense except recent Moscow mayoral election- didn’t win as much as expected, second place got 24%- they let him out of jail so could run for mayor - were held in sov times- claimed...
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