Dmitry Medvedev

Factor same prob as under yeltsin hard to govern far

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Unformatted text preview: 8 Rise of regions under Yeltsin - decentralization by default- experimenting with something they had ever attempted- federalism, orderly allocation of powers/resources—not successfulm but during that time, a lot of the leakage was not result of federal policy, but just because Moscow was so screwed up- power was leaking, hemorrhaging- - Putin- came with skill, oil money- game over for the regions- recentralize power with amazing ease K Center regional relations in Russia- - how to deal with local probs- create units- bc Moscow tries to govern other places that are so far away - Nazdratenko affair- head of province that borders the pacific- did what he wanted- putin had to compromise with him- had to give him honorific position- K Federalism - cant do it by default, cant cut deal with individual provinces- has to be uniformity- local govs reasserting with Putin- matter of personal relation...
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