Dmitry Medvedev

Putin control media control tv 2004 got 71 of

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Unformatted text preview: most democ regime on earth- - efforts now to publicize and emotionalize elections- smoke screen to ensure not legitimate- - element of habit- loyal to your candidate- and it is part of civic duty to show up- public demonstration for support of regime - Central electoral commission- determine eligible voters and review election terms, - Voting rules change each time- not part of const, so legal- but changed by vote of parl- threshold for party represented in Duma- feature of German pol system- prevents minorities from having a say Campaign finance - rules, but not followed- bc resemble amer campaigns- amers go there and become electoral consultants- - this doesn’t change attitudes of voters- angry but still vote for putin- control media- control TV- 2004- got 71% of vote - demonstration of loyalty- 2008- engineer handpicked successor, medevev PPT of snowfall in Red Square- lecture...
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