Dmitry Medvedev

What is happening to intermediate bodies 1 top down

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Unformatted text preview: dia - Historically very weak in Russia- historical inheritance, deliberate policies of soviets to capture all bodies through which society is organized and to eliminate them as threats and kill if need be - Now that it is gone, what is happening to intermediate bodies? 1. top down- all groups had to have a party cell, part of system of distribution of goodies- 2. competition among interest groups and active lobbying 3. broad strands of opinion in Russia Today 1. dems and liberals- minority of mobile yuppies 2. soviet nostalgics, neo- stalins- pop som, state should take care, free educ and medical 3. Russian nationalists and slavophiles- neo- fascists- nationalists are mainstream- ‘red- brown’- ripe for a revolutionary far worse than Putin Latent unorganized opposition- those who like the current system- Does pub opinion = civil society? No soviet law- variant on western law-...
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