Kazakhstan, Krygstan, Ukraine

swaddling theory specific a kid is swaddled his whole

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Unformatted text preview: hould take the amer consts and drop it anywhere- US falsely believes that institutional export will fix places- like in Iraq, in LA- bring democracy to these places 1. Overthrow dictator 2. Institute represenataionl gov- the lesson is the same- that PI doesn’t have the effect that we weant it to have Stalin did this- he was a political engineer bc he just killed the dissidents- if there is no person, there is no problem – intersection: what is happening at the boundary to create an influence??? Swaddling theory- specific- a kid is swaddled his whole life- has no free self expression social structure- family- you learn from your parents Russians respond to authority- they work around it- characteristiacally Russian and French as well- characteristic of any population that lives in a centralized nation and a strong state- educ...
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