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Kazakhstan, Krygstan, Ukraine

Liscense this was ultimately the influence of the

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Unformatted text preview: external drivers like intellectual fashions, intellectual fads, vast currents of thought that sweeps over the world- gripped by charm of central planning- economists that are promoted build the characaure of central planning where nothing could be done without a liscense- this was ultimately the influence of the prestige of central planning- Keynesianism was fashionable in the 1930s- that the gov could help you Fruedism- intellectual fashion- stress the things that happen to you in childhood- id/ego/superego- certain cultures are repressed/anal historical In the center: PB“political behavior” naked individual, desire for power, elemental urges, tendency to want to identify with a group of people, us v them- this is common to all political systems PI=political institutions- how voting systems are organizaed (majority, single candidate, proport rep) arises here- naturally, led to the propositions in political engineering- if you believe that PI is crucial in determing PB, you are tempted to say that we s...
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