Computer Science 105 - Beekman Part 1 Chapter 3 Notes

Line printers are speedy noisy beasts hammer out

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Unformatted text preview: dow between the computer user and the machine Display size is measure length of diagonal line, images are composed of tiny dots called pixels (picture elements) A image with more pixels has a higher resolution Pixels shown in columns x rows Aspect ratio is relationship between width and height, wider screens can show 2 documents at the same time Old computers had cathode- ray tube monitors but new computers have flat screen liquid crystal display Video projectors also use LCD to project computer screen Video cards are used if there isn’t video circuitry built into the motherboard A printer can produce a hard copy of any static information that can be displayed on the computer’s screen There are impact printers and non- impact printers, impact printers form images by physically striking paper, ribbon, and print hammer together. Line...
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