Computer Science 105 - Beekman Part 2 Chapter 3 Notes

Compact disc recordable is write once read many while

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Unformatted text preview: nd write bits of data on a reflective aluminum layer of the disc Optical disks are slower than magnetic disks and are more susceptible to damages via scratches CD- ROM discs similar to music compact disks are read only devices that can be used as storage devices, replaced by drives that can write as well as read A CD- RW drive reads data from CD- ROMs and burn and record on CD- RW disks CD- R (compact disc- recordable) is write once, read many while CD- RW (compact disc- rewriteable) can write erase and rewrite’ DVD- ROM drives can play DVD movies DVD/RW can be write once or rewritable Blu- ray (BD) can write on media that hold up to 50 GB on two layers BD- R reads Blu- ray BD- RW can be rewritten Hard disk drives and optical disc drives come in internal drives and external drives, Internal drives resides inside the casing of a computer, in tower computer, in a tower computer, each internal drive resides in a bay, a space that holds one drive External drives can be connected to system via USB or FireWire ports • • • • • • • • • • • • Solid- state storage devices are rewritable memory devices with no moving parts Flash memory is a type of erasable memory chip that can serve as reliable, low energy, quiet and compact USB flash drives or thumb...
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