Computer Science 105 - Capron Part 2 of Chapter 3 Notes

Virtual storage is when most of the program is stored

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Unformatted text preview: s that have higher priority and therefore receive more CPU time • Background is for programs with less pressing schedules and lower priorities and less CPU time • List of programs waiting to run are kept in queues suitable to their job class. • Virtual storage is when most of the program is stored in the hard disk and the rest of it in real storage. • Paging is the process of dividing a program into equal size pieces called pages and storing them in equal size memory spaces called page frames. • Page table lists each page that is part of the program and the corresponding beginning memory address where it has been placed. • Thrashing occurs when too much CPU time is used paging, one must run fewer programs or add more memory • Memory protection is keeping one program from straying into another • File manager enables you to store files in hierarchical dire...
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