Computer Science 105 - Capron Part 1 of Chapter 3 Notes

Professional edition aimed towards business users

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Unformatted text preview: lets you embed or link two documents together • Windows 95, 98 and Millennium Edition is for home market and Windows NT and 2000 is for corporate market • Windows 98 and Millennium Edition are improvements of Windows 95 • Windows NT for businesses due to difficulty to use, amount of memory and more secure • Windows 2000 knows who you are, more personalized • Microsoft XP brings Microsoft’s consumer and corporate operating systems together into a single product. Professional edition aimed towards business users connected to corporate networks • Windows CE is designed for embedded system (computing devices that are integrated into other products) and internet appliance market • Meant for less memory on smaller screens with very small if any file storage • MAC OS had first GUI • Unix runs on any computer available and used command- line interface, it is commonly used on internet servers today • Linux is complex to install yourself, of...
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