25 revision control for teams 2 scenario you make

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Unformatted text preview: k for a free block, while also computing! !// the LRU unpinned block to use as backup! !int iLru = -1;! !long epochLru = LONG_MAX;! !for (uint i = 0; i < PF_BUFFER_SIZE; i++) {! ! !assert(pageBlocks_[i].isConsistent());! !…! !}! if this asser6on fires, it means !…! }! somebody wrote past the end of a page block! Coding Tip: Asser6ons in Page File Manager …! page block of size PF_PAGE_SIZE = 4096 bytes guard bytes ! !assert(pageBlocks_[i].isConsistent());! …! isConsistent() checks for modifica6on of the guard bytes following the page block Revision Control Systems and Subversion Why use revision control systems? •  Scenario 1: –  Your program is working –  You change "just one thing" –  Your program breaks –  You change it back –  Your program is s6ll broken – why? •  Has this ever happened to you? Why use revision control systems (2)? •  Your program worked well enough yesterday •  You made a lot of improvements last night… –  but you haven't go[en them to work yet •  You need to turn in your program now •  Has this ever happened to you? Revision control for teams •  Scenario: –  You change one part of a program  ­ ­ it works –  Your co ­worker changes another part  ­ ­ it works –  You put them together  ­ ­ it doesn’t work –  Some change in one part must have broken something in the other part –  What were all the changes? 25 Revision Control for Teams (2) •  Scenario: –  You make a number of improvements to a class –  Your co ­worker makes a number of different improvements to the same class •  How can you merge these changes? 26 Revision control systems •  A revision control system (aka version control system) does these things: – ...
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