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Unformatted text preview: Keeps mul6ple (older and newer) versions of source code, headers, etc –  Requests comments regarding every change –  Displays differences between versions –  Detect/resolve conflicts •  Many systems out there: sccs, rcs, cvs, Visual SourceSafe, svn, git, ... –  Most popular in the past: cvs –  Most popular nowadays: svn (also git) 27 Subversion commands •  svn checkout (aka svn co) – check out code from repository •  svn add – add a new file/directory to the repository •  svn delete – delete a file/directory from the repository •  svn commit – commit local changes to repository •  svn diff – view differences wrt current or old version •  svn status – see pending changes • svn info – get info about repository •  svn update – grab new revisions from repository •  svn help – list all commands •  See h>p://subversion.:gris.org •  Graphical front-ends: TortoiseSVN (Windows), RapidSVN (crossplatform), Subclipse (eclipse plug-in) 28 –  Visual diffs, easier browsing of history, … Logis6cs: Repository Access Follow direc6ons on h[p://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~green/courses/ecs165b/project.html [[email protected] ~]$ svn co file:///home/cs165b/CSIF-Proj/ cs165b-0/svn/trunk/DavisDB! A DavisDB/RecordFileHandl...
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