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Unformatted text preview: ing excep6onal condi6ons •  Use tools like valgrind to track down memory leaks •  We will check for memory leaks when grading your projects Memory Management for Shared Objects •  When several parts of the code are using same object, how do we know when object is “no longer being used”? –  so that it can be freed (C++ object), or evicted from buffer pool (page), or ... •  Standard solu6on in C/C++: use reference coun:ng –  When code needs an object, increment the reference count –  When finished, decrement the reference count –  Pisalls? •  For example, Microsoj COM/OLE objects have methods addRef and release to do this •  In DBMS buffer pool, tradi6onal names for the methods are pin and unpin Coding Tip: Pinning/Unpinning Pages •  Whenever you access a page, you must remember to unpin it ajer you're done (else you leak the page) •  Best coding prac:ce: do both tasks nearby, ideally in the same func6on, so that correctness can easily be verified PageFileHandle* file;! PageHandle page;! ! ReturnCode code = file->getFirstPage(&page);! if (code == RC_OK) {! !// … do stuff with page …! !file->unpinPage(page.pageNo);! }! •  Same goes for memory alloca6on/de ­alloca6on –  make it easy to match every new with its corresponding delete Coding Tip: Don't Forget to Mark Pages Dirty! •  Be diligent about getng this right from the beginning, else you risk introducing tough ­to ­track ­down bugs FileHandle* file;! PageHandle page;! ! ReturnCode code = file->getFirstPage(&page);! if (code == RC_OK) {! !// … modify contents of page …! !file->markDirty(page.pageNo);! !file->unpinPage(page.pageNo);! }! Coding Tip: Asser6ons in Page File Manager •  Page file manager makes heavy use of run6me asser6ons; some of these will catch your bugs! ReturnCode PageFileManager::allocateBlock (PageFileHandle* fileHandle, int pageNo, char** data) {! !// first, loo...
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