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Unformatted text preview: File and Buffer Management in DavisDB User commands results Command Parser (given) es ueri q Query Engine (4) get metadata index scans System Manager (3) read/write/scan records Indexing (2) indic es create files, read/ write pages Page File Manager (given) OS File System Record Manager (1) data, metadata Buffer Manager (given) + User Extension (5) Paged File Component (Provided) •  Paged File Component has two func6ons: –  provides in ­memory buffer pool of pages/frames –  performs low ­level file I/O at the granularity of pages •  Overview on class web site: h[p://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~green/courses/ecs165b/pageFile.html See also Doxygen docs: h[p://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~green/courses/ecs165b/docs/index.html •  Where it all begins: PageFileManager… PageFileManager •  Your code will use one singleton instance of this class •  Manages the buffer pool of in ­memory pages –  allocate/de ­allocate "scratch" pages –  coordinates with file handle objects to bring pages to/from disk –  uses LRU replacement policy •  Used to create/open/close/remove page files –  Returns PageFileHandle object to manage pages within a file PageFileHandle •  Returned by PageFileManager, used to: –  allocate/de ­allocate pages in the file –  pages iden6fied by logical page number rather than physical offset –  mark page as dirty –  force page to disk –  scan pages in file Coding Tip: Don't Forget to Free Memory! •  DBMS is a long ­running process; memory leaks are unacceptable •  Every new must have a matching delete •  With some coding discipline, can avoid many problems –  When possible, put new and delete close together in the code, so that a human can easily verify correctness –  Memory must always be freed, even when handl...
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