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Unformatted text preview: ces to re ­distribute index entry with key 20; we’ve re ­ distributed 17 as well for illustra6on. Root 17 5 2* 3* 5* 7* 8* 13 14* 16* 20 17* 18* 20* 21* 22 30 22* 27* 29* 33* 34* 38* 39* Prefix Key Compression •  Important to increase fan ­out. (Why?) •  Key values in index entries only `direct traffic’; can oVen compress them. –  E.g., If we have adjacent index entries with search key values Dannon Yogurt, David Smith and Devarakonda Murthy, we can abbreviate David Smith to Dav. (The other keys can be compressed too ...) •  Is this correct? Not quite! What if there is a data entry Davey Jones? (Can only compress David Smith to Davi) •  In general, while compressing, must leave each index entry greater than every key value (in any subtree) to its leV. •  Insert/delete must be suitably modified. Bulk Loading of a B+ Tree •  If we have a large collec6o...
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