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Inser6ng 8 into example b tree observe how minimum

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Unformatted text preview: = 1 Mbyte Level 3 = 17,689 pages = 133 MBytes Inser6ng a Data Entry into a B+ Tree •  Find correct leaf L. •  Put data entry onto L. –  –  If L has enough space, done! Else, must split L (into L and a new node L2) •  Redistribute entries evenly, copy up middle key. •  Insert index entry poin6ng to L2 into parent of L. •  This can happen recursively –  To split index node, redistribute entries evenly, but push up middle key. (Contrast with leaf splits.) •  Splits “grow” tree; root split increases height. –  Tree growth: gets wider or one level taller at top. Inser6ng 8* into Example B+ Tree •  Observe how minimum occupancy is guaranteed in both leaf and index pg splits. •  Note difference between copy ­up and push ­up; be sure you understand the reasons for this. Entry to be inserted in parent node. (Note that 5 is copied...
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