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Unformatted text preview: tem catalogs and keep them open (they will be used heavily) close database SystemManager::closeDb 1.  Close system catalog tables 2.  chdir("..") drop database <dbName> SystemManager::dropDb 1.  system("rm –rf <dbName>") –  Need to #include <stdlib.h> create table <relName>(...) SystemManager::createTable 1.  Create the specified table (RecordManager) 2.  Update system catalogs to record informa6on about table and its a[ribute create index <relName>(<attrName>) SystemManager::createIndex 1.  Open table (RecordManager) 2.  Create a new B+ tree index (IndexManager) 3.  For each record in table (RecordFileScan) 1.  Insert key, recordID into index 4.  Update system catalogs to reflect existence of index load <relName> <fileName> SystemManager::load 1.  Bulk ­load the contents of comma ­separated file into table 2.  For each line in file: 1.  Parse the line, create a record 2.  Insert record into table 3.  Insert keys for record into any indices •  How to read the file: (C) #include <stdio.h>; use fopen, getc*, fclose (C++) #include <fstream>; use ifstream::open, ifstream::getline*, ifstream::close •  How to parse a line: –  lines look like "22,Dustin,7,45.0" – no commas inside strings –  use strtok (<string.h>), strtol and str...
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