Davisdb welcome to the davisdb command line shell

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Unformatted text preview: catalog tables themselves! •  So, even if database has no other tables: –  relations table should have two tuples (one for relations, one for attributes) –  attributes table should have rows for the a[ributes in catalog tables The Command ­Line Shell quatchi:src green$ ./DavisDB Welcome to the DavisDB command-line shell. Type "help;" for help. The Command ­Line Shell: Commands create database <dbName> ; drop database <dbName> ; open database <dbName> ; close database ; create table <tableName> (<attrName> <attrType>, ..., <attrName> <attrType>) ; where <attrType> is either float, int, or char(<length>) drop table <tableName> ; create index <tableName> (<attrName>) ; drop index <tableName (<attrName>) ; load <tableName> <fileName> ; info ; (implemented by corresponding info <tableName> ; SystemManager methods) print <tableName> ; io print ; io reset ; help ; quit ; (built ­in shell commands) print or reset page I/O sta6s6cs create database <dbName> SystemManager::createDb •  Database should be created in a new subdirectory dbName 1.  mkdir(dbName) 2. chdir(dbName) 3.  create system catalogs 4.  chdir("..") •  Useful Linux library commands: mkdir, chdir –  #include <sys/stat.h> open database <dbName> SystemManager::openDb 1.  chdir(dbName) 2.  Open sys...
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