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Csv boatscsv reservescsv boathouseddb a sample davisdb

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Unformatted text preview: tol (<stdlib.h>) print <relName> SystemManager::print 1.  Open the table (RecordManager) 2.  Open a scan on the table (RecordFileScan) 3.  Call SystemPrinter::printHeader to print table header 4.  For each record in table 1.  Call SystemPrinter::printRecord to print record 5.  Call SystemPrinter::printFooter to print table footer 6.  Close scan and table •  SystemPrinter is provided for you, don't change print: Sample Output quatchi:src green$ ./DavisDB Welcome to the DavisDB command-line shell. Type "help;" for help. open database Boathouse; => RC_OK print Boats; Boats.bid int, Boats.bname char(32), Boats.color char(16)) ------------------------------------------------------------101,Interlake,blue 102,Interlake,red 103,Clipper,green 104,Marine,red 4 records total. => RC_OK Tes6ng: Boathouse.ddb and Sailors.csv, Boats.csv, Reserves.csv •  Boathouse.ddb: a sample DavisDB session exercising most of the SystemManager func6onality quatchi:src green$ ./DavisDB < Boathouse.ddb •  Uses load to populate tables with data from *.csv •  Make your own tests too! Debugging Strategies •  Many debuggers (e.g., Eclipse) don't supp...
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