Disconnect rendering from object representation

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Unformatted text preview: e described objects as (triangle) meshes •  Triangle meshes are piecewise linear object representations •  Easy to rasterize/“put on the screen” •  Maps nicely to graphics pipeline •  What about other representation techniques? •  Disconnect rendering from object representation? •  Editing? •  Vector graphics? ECS 175 Chapter 3: Object Representation 42 General Object Representations •  Three ways to represent curves and surfaces •  Explicit y = f ( x) •  Implicit f (x, y ) = 0 •  Parametric f (u) = (x(u), y (u), z (u)) ECS 175 Chapter 3: Object Representation 43 General Object Representations •  Explicit representation y = f ( x) Independent variable defines value of dependent variable ECS 175 Chapter 3: Object Representation 44 General Object Representations •  Implicit representation f (x, y ) = 0 Points in space can be tested for membership In 2D these functions define curves, in 3D they define surfaces. ECS 175 Chapter 3: Object Representation 45 General Object Repr...
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