Object coordinates clip coordinates vertex processor

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4: Object Transformation 4 When/Where are transformations performed? Object Coordinates Clip Coordinates Vertex Processor ECS 175 Normalized Device Coordinates Clipper and Assembler Chapter 4: Object Transformation Window Coordinates Rasterizer Fragment Processor 5 The Vertex Processor - Review •  Operates on vertices: •  “Transform” the object and place it in relation to camera •  Perform coordinate transformations •  Process per-vertex attributes (colors, etc.) •  OpenGL: •  Vertex Shader: Maps vertices to vertices •  (Tessellation – optional) •  Geometry Shader: Can create new primitives ECS 175 Chapter 4: Object Transformation 6 Modeling Transform •  Coordinate system transformation: Modeling Transform Local coordinate frame ‘Object/Model space’ ECS 175 World coordinate frame ‘World space’ Chapter 4: Object Transformation 7 View Transform •  Coordinate system transformation: View Transform World coordinate frame ‘World space’ ECS 175 Chapter 4: Object Transformation Camera/Eye coordinate frame ‘View space’ 8 The ModelView Transformation •  Modeling and Viewing Transformation short: ModelView Transformation •  These transformations are mathematically expressed as matrix (OpenGL: ModelView Matrix) glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); glLoadMatrix(…); glMultMatrix(…); glTranslate(…); glRotate(…); glScale(…); ECS 175 //sets matrix to identity mapping //multiply current matrix...
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