Of opengl scene group operation object 1 ecs 175

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Unformatted text preview: teraction 28 Scene Graphs •  Scene Graphs are object oriented representations •  Enable reusability of components/objects (instancing) •  Hide the state machine character of OpenGL Scene Group Operation Object 1 ECS 175 Group Object 2 Operation Object 4 Object 3 Chapter 6: Scene Representation and Interaction 29 Scene Graphs •  Scenes can be rendered by traversing the scene graph •  Attribute and matrix stacks •  Typical operations include: •  Changing position/orientation/scale (geometric transformations) •  Changing appearance •  Changing shader/buffer states •  Different operations can be applied to the same object if it appears multiple times in the graph (multiple instances of the same object) ECS 175 Chapter 6: Scene Representation and Interaction 30 Scene Graphs •  Several scene graph APIs sit on top of OpenGL •  OpenSceneGraph •  Open Inventor •  Scene graph implementations •  Make use of object oriented programming paradigms •  Encapsulate OpenGL state changes •  Ideally make it harder to write inefficient rendering code •  Allow to render scenes as sets of independent objects ECS 175 Chapter 6: Scene Representation and Inte...
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