Lecture 3

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Unformatted text preview: e the Runge-Kutta tableau for this method. 2.2. For what values of is the method A-stable? Justify your answer. 3. Radau or Lobatto quadrature rules have evaluation points at one or both endpoints of the interval of integration, respectively. Consider the two two-stage Runge-Kutta methods based on collocation at Radau points. In one, the collocation point c1 = 0 and in the other the collocation point c2 = 1. In each case, the other collocation point (c2 for the rst method and c1 for the second method) is to be determined so that the resulting method has as high an order of accuracy as possible. 3.1. Determine the parameters aij , bj , and ci, i j = 1 2 for the two collocation methods and identify their orders of accuracy. 3.2. To which elements of the Pade table do these methods correspond? 3.3. Determine the regions of absolute stability for these methods? Are the methods A- and/or L-stable? 37 3.4 Convergence, Stability, Error Estimation The concepts of convergence, stability, and a priori error estimation introduced in Chapte...
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