Vs hundreds or thousands

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Unformatted text preview: lot: Look at 2 dimensions at a 8me •  Units on each axis are different! h\p://www.mzandee.net/~zandee/sta8s8ek/stat- online/chapter4/pearson.html 1 2/22/12 Gene Expression >3 Dimensions vs. “Really High Dimensions” •  Expression level for hundreds of genes •  For many trials (different individuals/condi8ons) •  Discover correla8ons: genes that commonly work together or in opposi8on •  Obvious/intui8ve dimensions –  Posi8on, Orienta8on, Time, Temperature, Color, etc. vs. •  Hundreds or thousands of a\ributes –  May be floa8ng point values or binary values –  Stored as a “feature vectors” for each data point –  Nearest Neighbor calcula8ons become very expensive –  Visualiza8on seems impossible h\p://www.imbb.forth.gr/people/poirazi/researchEP.html h\p://www.bioss.ac.uk/~dirk/essays/GeneExpression/bayes_net.html Today’s Class •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Parallel Coordinates Readings for this Week Examples of High Dimensional Data Parallel Coordinates Data Clustering Principle Components Analysis (PCA) General Massive Data Visualiza8on Tips Next Week’s Readings Assignment 5 & Mid- Term Presenta8on h\p://eagereyes.org /techniques/parallel- coordinates Parallel Coordinates Designing Visualiza8ons using Parallel Coordinates How many dimensions (ver8cal axes)? In what order should the axes appear? Which direc8on should each axis run (up or down?) How many data points (lines)? How could color...
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