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How do you design hardwaresocware system to ensure

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Unformatted text preview: data •  Surveillance: Shopping malls are private spaces, but made to feel like public spaces •  File/log planned data collecCons in advance (pre- planning required, data more precious) •  Researchers should make themselves equally public •  Most visualizaCon computaCon assumes unrestricted access to data •  How do we do this computaCon with parCal informaCon? •  How do you design hardware/socware system to ensure data security? What data has privacy concerns? Who would potenCally benefit from access to this Data? (why is a grey area?) •  •  •  •  Corporate secrets Health records Personal finances Personal locaCon •  ScienCfic discovery •  Improve healthcare What is sufficient to anonymize data? Remove explicit idenCfiers Small datasets cause problems Quasi idenCfiers What are the sensiCve a^ributes SaniCze data on the fly, constraining the interacCon •  Assume data holder is aware of data sensiCvity (and appropriately concerned) •  •  •  •  •  Synthetic aperture confocal imaging Marc Levoy Billy Chen Vaibhav Vaish Mark Horowitz Ian McDowall Mark Bolas © 2004 Marc Levoy 2 3/21/12 Stanford Multi-Camera Array [Wilbur...
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