Panorama from gehua yang dualalign todays class this

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Unformatted text preview: •  Keyboard –  Press a key –  Hold a key •  Mouse • •  3D mouse (3D Connexions Space Navigator) –  Leg buhon –  Middle buhon –  Right buhon –  Single click –  Double click Our System Goals/Requirements •  Large, human- scale projec.on environment •  People move freely within the space •  Projec.on surfaces can be moved interac.vely •  Varying illumina.on condi.ons •  Robust & real- .me tracking and display Volumetric Visualiza.on •  Cross sec.ons of a 3D medical dataset virtually placed within the projec.on volume 2 3/28/12 General User Interface Elements •  Projec.on surfaces as input devices •  No instruc.on necessary to play the game! Panorama from Gehua Yang, DualAlign Today’s Class •  •  •  •  •  •  •  This Week’s Readings Tradi.onal Interac.on Devices Augmented Reality Examples of Visualiza.on for Debugging Upcoming Schedule...
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